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24 Hour Resume Revamp Course

Want to learn the secrets of getting your resume into the hands of a hiring manager?

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Did you know 75% of resumes are rejected before they ever reach a hiring manager?



Candidates simply don’t know how to make their resume ATS (applicant tracking system) friendly

Over 95% of Fortune 500 companies, and many medium-sized and small companies, use ATS to scan and filter resumes


The 24-Hour Resume Update Course will ensure your resume is 100% ATS-compliant, from top to bottom

You’ll also learn the Number One Secret to get your resume directly into the hands of a hiring manager: FAST!

Does this sound familiar?

  • You haven’t updated your resume in a while, and you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed even thinking about it

  • You’re changing jobs or career paths in 2022, but you don’t know how to target your resume toward your new career goal

  • You’ve spent time and money in the past, hiring a resume writer or purchasing resume templates, with poor results

  • You want to de-emphasize employment gaps and / or job hopping

  • You’ve sent out hundreds of resumes…but haven’t heard back

  • You’re sitting around waiting and waiting to hear back from employers… becoming more frustrated each day

  • Right about now, visiting the dentist for a root canal sounds more appealing than formatting and writing one more resume on your own!!!

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, our resume update course is perfect for you!

Imagine in the Next 24 Hours…

  • You could have every single tool you’ll ever need to easily write a killer resume, versus spending weeks doing it on your own.
  • You could have a kick-ass resume and cover letter that will get you interviews fast, instead of spending months waiting for a call.
  • You could spend as little as $97 for this resume update course and have every tool you’ll ever need to update your resume from now until you retire (no joke)!!

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What’s Inside the Resume Update Course

Eight lessons that will transform your resume and cover letter from blah to brilliant, in 24 hours or less!

Lesson One:

Contact Information

Learn the biggest career-breaking mistakes most candidates make when listing contact information on the resume, and more importantly, how to avoid them!

Lesson Two:
Career Summary

One of the most important sections of the resume, this lesson will teach you how to write a killer summary that’s directly targeted to your dream job.

Lesson Three:
Skills & Qualifications

If you’re changing career paths, this lesson will teach you how to de-emphasize your irrelevant work experience and make your relevant skills & achievements shine!

Lesson Four:
Work Experience

Learn the #1 secret to getting your resume directly into a hiring manager’s hands, as well as how to make your biggest work-related accomplishments and skills shine so you stand out from the crowd!

Lesson Five:
Activities & Affiliations

If you know how to successfully market your interests and activities, you can easily use this information to catch a hiring manager’s attention!

Lesson Six:
Resume FAQs

Get answers to your most burning resume questions, like how long should your resume be and what to include (and not include) on your resume, and many more!

Lesson Seven:
Resume Mistakes

Chances are you’re already making some of these resume mistakes. And chances are, they’ve already cost you many jobs.

Lesson Eight:
Cover Letter

A well-written cover letter not only allows you to demonstrate your enthusiasm and passion, but it can also convince a hiring manager that you’re the perfect fit for the job!.

Special Bonus #1:

Five customized resume template packages for every career and life circumstance you might find yourself in from now until you retire (no joke)!

All packages include one and two page resume templates, cover letter template, thank you template, & references template!

Functional Resume Template Package

Our functional resume template package will help you:

  • De-emphasize irrelevant work experience.
  • Target your resume & cover letter for a career change.
  • Market your relevant transferable skills & achievements.
  • Easily target your resume & cover letter toward your new career path.
Our functional resume template package contains resume, cover letter, references and thank you letter templates

Professional Resume Template Package

Our professional resume template package will help you:

  • Market your relevant work history.

  • Highlight your most applicable work-related skills & achievements.

Our professional resume template package contains resume, cover letter, references and thank you letter templates

Return to Work (Parent) Resume Template Package

Our return to work (parent) resume template package will help you:

  • Translate mom skills to job skills.

  • De-emphasize employment gaps & reduce chances of age bias.

  • Highlight skills from volunteer, contract, or freelance work, as well as continuing education.

Our stay at home parent resume template package contains resume, cover letter, references and thank you letter templates

Return to Work (Layoff) Resume Template Package

Our return to work (layoff) resume template package will help you:

  • Positively explain your layoff.

  • De-emphasize employment gaps.

  • Highlight skills gained from volunteer, contract, or freelance work, as well as continuing education.

Return to Work Resume Package

Student Resume Template Package

Our student resume template package will help you:

  • Minimize lack of relevant work experience.

  • Market your academic-related skills gained from classes, class projects, internships & extracurricular activities.

Student Resume Template Package

At The Career Counter, we understand that the nature of the workforce is rapidly changing, and a one-size-fits-all approach to resumes simply won’t do.

Our resume templates are custom-made for all types of career circumstances you might encounter, from getting laid off, to changing jobs, to having multiple careers, to employment gaps, and more!

Special Bonus #2:

Resume & Cover Letter Activity Sheets!

Resume and cover letter worksheets

Our resume & cover letter worksheets will help you:

  • Market the most in-demand skillsets sought by employers across all industries!
  • Write killer resume accomplishment phrases that will demonstrate you’re the perfect candidate for the job!
  • Easily craft a targeted cover letter than will set you apart from thousands of other candidates!
  • Assess your biggest strengths, interests, and passions so you land a job that’s a great fit!

Take the 24 Hour Resume Update Course Today!

A Word from the Career Counter

Our founder is a professional career coach who has spent over 20 years helping thousands of people

Hey there, I’m Lee!

Since earning my resume writing certification (CPRW), as well as master’s degree in career counseling nearly 20 years ago, I’ve helped thousands of clients land their dream jobs with my expert career advice and custom resume templates.

I want YOU to be next!

Personally, I’ve had to reinvent my career MANY times over the last decade. Between relocating for my husband’s job, to having to quit my job due to homeschooling my two children, I have experienced first-hand how difficult it can be to update your resume during these crazy times!

Whether you’re changing jobs or careers, returning to the workforce after being laid off or homeschooling, our the 24 Hour Resume Revamp Course, combined with our customized templates will help you make your most significant skills & achievements shine, while also minimizing things like irrelevant jobs, employment gaps, & job hopping.


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I appreciate this so much and hope you know how much you do for your clients!

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