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Set Yourself Apart from the Crowd

Did you know that writing a targeted cover letter can set you apart from hundreds of other candidates?

The problem is most job seekers get the cover letter completely wrong

Simply repeating the resume will fail to demonstrate why you are the best fit for the job

Use our professional cover letter writing service

What's Included in our Cover Letter Writing Service:

  • A cover letter that's specifically tailored to your targeted job, company or field.
  • Special care in highlighting your biggest strengths and achievements from your prior experience, demonstrating your unique value as a future employee.
  • Receive a document that illuminates how your core values and goals are in alignment with the values of your targeted company. Tell a powerful story about why you are the perfect fit for the job.
  • Three business day turnaround time (from receipt of your current resume / questionnaire)
  • Unlimited revisions


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The Career Counter is Different

The Career Counter

We take the time to get to know you and understand your unique career background and goals. This allows us to custom-craft a tailored, personalized resume that makes you stand out as a candidate

We want to know your story

We offer free 15-minute consultations to allow you to share your unique career history and goals. Using this information, we will provide a customized strategy for your resume

Profesional resume writer in office with dark wood bookshelf, reading with interest the background and goals of her clients

Invest in Yourself

Tailored To You

We ensure hiring managers and recruiters quickly understand how your unique qualifications and background relate to their job postings.

Get Noticed

Studies show that recruiters are significantly more likely to contact candidates with professionally written cover letters, specially targeted to the job postings. 

Show how your past experience with specifically make you an ideal candidate

Land More Interviews

Our certified professional resume writers' mission is to make you stand out from the crowd, landing you interviews fast!

What our Clients are Saying

Crystal B.

This is absolutely perfect! Thank you so much. Truly, you have helped me to feel like this was one of the best investments I’ve ever taken on myself.

I appreciate this so much and hope you know how much you do for your clients!

Crystal B

Karl Y.

The work on my resume and cover letter was significant and profound. She was able to sand down all my rough edges and accentuate the positives and fit to the job. My old resume became more succinct and relevant. Her cover letter template helped make my case for the job without being overly wordy or rambling. I’m sure to be noticed for the job I’m applying for, and I have my resume writer to thank.

Karl Y

Angelica M.

I wanted to reach out to tell you how much I appreciate The Career Counter. Thank you for providing such a great resource for moms!

Angelica M

Carol D.

I absolutely love my resume writer. Very professional, prompt, and polished. The resume, cover letter and thank you letter she created is well worth reading. Wonderful experience with The Career Counter and now I feel excited and proud about submitting my resume when applying for jobs. Thank you for your help!

Carol D

At The Career Counter, We Measure Success by Your Achievement

Our professional resume writers have worked with hundreds of candidates across a wide variety of industries including engineering, finance, business, education, and health care.

Our clients have landed jobs with many leading companies and institutions, including:

Wells Fargo Bank
San Jose State University
Lockheed Martin

As Seen In:

Fairy God Boss
Buzz Feed

Industry Experience

Certified Professional Resume Writer
Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches
National Career Development Association
California Career Development Association
Our Founder has over 20 years of experience helping people like you

Hi, I'm Lee!

  • Founder, Career Counselor & Coach with more than two decades of experience making people like you successful
  • Master’s Degree in Career Counseling
  • Certified Professional Resume Writer
  • I’ve helped thousands of students and professionals find and land their dream job. I want YOU to be next!