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Want to be better prepared and interview with confidence?
Work with an experienced interview coach, get personalized training, and ace your next interview!

When was the last time you interviewed for a job?

Are you ready for behavioral questions?

Do you remember the STAR method?

Have you practiced concise, compelling responses to tough interview questions?

Our Advice: Practice, Practice, Practice

Interviewing is a practiced skill
It is not something to do by the seat of your pants

Like in everything in life, practice will make you better prepared, give you confidence, and help you ace your upcoming interview

Interviewing needs practice

Schedule Your Personalized Interview Practice Session with a Certified Coach

  • Prepare for challenging interview questions specific to your field and job posting

  • Get customized training from an experienced interview coach for on-site or online interview settings.

  • Learn from real time feedback during your mock interview.

  • Receive targeted, constructive, and actionable feedback so you can practice and improve your interviewing skills.


45 Minute Session

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Our career and interview coaches have worked with hundreds of candidates across a wide variety of industries including engineering, finance, business, education, and health care.

The Career Counter clients have landed jobs with many leading companies and institutions, including:

Lockheed Martin
Wells Fargo Bank
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
San Jose State University

What’s Included in Your Interview Prep Session

  • Learn how to handle challenging interview questions specific to your field and job posting

  • Receive targeted feedback and a written action plan so you can improve your interview performance.

  • Learn how to answer interview questions more concisely and successfully using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) interview method.

  • Get strategies for calming those interview jitters so you can feel more comfortable and confident!

What our clients are saying

Crystal Testimonial

This is absolutely perfect! Thank you so much. Truly, you have helped me to feel like this was one of the best investments I’ve ever taken on myself.

I appreciate this so much and hope you know how much you do for your clients!

Crystal B.

Next Steps

Schedule Your Session

  • After checkout, you will receive an email from The Career Counter with a link to schedule your session

  • Please select your session quickly to make sure you get the time desired. If you need a time outside that which is available, please send us a note and we will try to accommodate you if we can

Hold the Interview Prep Session

  • Meet with our highly experienced interview coach where you will work through the interview process, hold a mock interview, learn how to answer targeted interview questions, and receive real time feedback and recommendations

  • After your session, your coach will send you a targeted action plan, summarizing your mock interview session and items you should continue to practice so you nail your next interview

Our founder is a professional career coach who has spent over 20 years helping thousands of people

Hi, I’m Lee!

  • Founder, Career Counselor & Coach with more than two decades of experience making people like you successful

  • Master’s Degree in Career Counseling
  • Certified Professional Resume Writer
  • I’ve helped thousands of students and professionals find and land their dream job. I want YOU to be next!

My Passion is to Help You Land Your Dream Job!

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Certified Professional Resume Writer
Certified Professional Resume Writer
Certified Professional Resume Writer

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