Career Coaching &
Interview Prep Services

Work with our experienced career coaches to figure out the next step in your career path, strategize your job search, or ace your next interview

Career Coaching

Career Coaching Services

Not sure of the next steps in your career or how to land your ideal job?

This service is perfect if you want to:

  • Identify the steps, training, and skills necessary to achieve your career ambitions.

  • Develop effective job search strategies to find jobs in the hidden job market.

  • Learn how to highlight your experience, skills, and strengths to land more interviews.

Interview Prep

Interview Prep Services

Feeling nervous about preparing for an upcoming interview? Has it been a long time since you last went through the gauntlet?

This service is perfect if you want to:

  • Receive personalized interview coaching and practice your interview skills.

  • Use real time feedback during your mock interview to practicing keys skills and improve your interviewing ability.

  • Get targeted, constructive feedback that you can practice to improve your interview performance.

The Question is:

Given the rapidly changing job market and current economic challenges, can you afford not to take control of your career?

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Use Our Professional Career Coaching and Interview Prep Services to Propel You Towards Career Success!


Our career and interview coaches have worked with hundreds of candidates across a wide variety of industries including engineering, finance, business, education, and health care.

The Career Counter clients have landed jobs with many leading companies and institutions, including:

Lockheed Martin
Wells Fargo Bank
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
San Jose State University

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Certified Professional Resume Writer
Certified Professional Resume Writer
Certified Professional Resume Writer

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