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Did you know that writing a targeted cover letter can set you apart from other candidates?

Writing your resume can be very challenging
Don't write your cover letter in the wrong way

The problem is most job seekers get the cover letter completely wrong.

Simply repeating the resume will fail to demonstrate why you are the best fit for the job

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Your Stay at Home Mom Cover Letter – Land Your Dream Job!

As a stay at home mom who has re-entered the workforce (several times), I know how challenging it can be to write a resume and cover letter. You likely have questions like: Should you write about your stay at home mom skills and experience? If you have an employment gap, do you address it? How…
Stay at Home Mom Cover Letter Tips
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Three Creative Ways to Start Your Cover Letter

In this article I am going to cover three creative ways to start your cover letter. After all, you don't want to start your cover letter in the same generic way that every other job seeker is beginning theirs. Let's face it, writing a cover letter is a giant pain in the butt. Especially if…
Three Creative Ways to Start Your Cover Letter
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How to Write a Kick-Butt Cover Letter in 2022

You’ve just spent many agonizing hours updating your resume. Now, you’re faced with the agony of writing your cover letter. I can empathize with the pain you’re feeling. Although I’m a career coach, I’ve also been there. I’ve had to write dozens upon dozens of cover letters. I’m not just talking about clients’ letters. I’m…
How to write a kick-butt cover letter
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The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Cover Letter

This ultimate guide to writing a cover letter will teach you how to write a stellar letter that will set you apart from thousands of other job candidates. You might be wondering: do hiring managers and HR reps even read cover letters?! I've spent nearly 20 years as a career coach, and as a Certified…
Ultimate Guide to Writing a Cover letter
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Four Steps to Address Gaps in Your Cover Letter

Whether you’ve been out of the workforce taking care of kids, relatives, or dealing with a personal illness or challenge, you can minimize and address employment gaps in your cover letter by the following four steps to address gaps in your cover letter. Unlike the resume, which is used as a marketing document to showcase…
how to address gaps in your cover letter
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How to Write a Kick-Butt Cover Letter that Will Land You an Interview!

You’ve just spent countless hours tailoring, tweaking, cursing, and agonizing over your resume. It’s about as perfect as it can be. And now you’re itching to blast your resume out to every job announcement that you’re qualified for. But before you hit the send button, there’s one more thing to consider: how to write a…
how to write a cover letter that stands out
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