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So you need a resume but don’t know where to start?

Writing your resume can be very challenging
We have many products and services to help you craft the perfect, compelling resume

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The Career Counter has a wide range of products and services, tailored specifically for women looking to reinvent their careers

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Take the pain and stress away from updating your resume with our job-winning resume templates!

Our resumes are optimized to make sure the pass through the Applicant Tracking System and get in the hands of hiring managers and recruiters.

We offer matching one and two page resume templates, cover letter templates, and thank you letter & references templates. Word and Google Docs Compatible

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Make Sure Your Resume Stands Out from the Crowd and Gets Noticed by a Hiring Manager

Let us help you make a strong first impression. Hiring managers and recruiters typically spend only a few seconds reviewing each resume. Make sure yours lands in the yes pile

Increase your chances of landing an interview by tailoring your resume for a specific job. Work with a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) Today

Use Our Articles to Learn How to Write Your Resume 

How to Write a Functional Resume

When it comes to writing a killer resume, there are several different formats to choose from, each with their own unique advantages. According to a recent poll, roughly 96% of workers want to change careers in 2023! As a professional resume writer helping lots of career changers, my go-to format is the functional resume. The…
Woman at desk with laptop, writing a functional resume
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Online Resume Builders: Should You Use Them?

Today, we're discussing online resume builders and why they may not be the best option for job seekers. You’ve probably seen ads on google for “online resume builders.” They offer a quick, online tools to cut and paste your information into a website. There are a ton of services out there. Zety, MyPerfectResume, Resume.com, Canva,…
Should you use online resume builders or makers?
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Here’s How to Take the Stress out of Updating Your Resume

Updating your resume can be a scary process! Maybe you have never written a resume before. Or perhaps it's been a long, long time since you last updated it. (For example, if you’re a parent trying to create a resume as a stay at home mom after a long break at home with your kids).…
Take the stress out of updating your resume
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Why Hire a Resume Writer?

Why hire a resume writer? After all, you can presumably type information onto a standard Word or Google document. The only other thing you need is a fairly good recollection of your career history and greatest strengths and achievements and decent writing skills. A caffeinated beverage is also a plus. This is where many job…
Why hire a professional resume writer
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How to Write a Student Resume

Writing a student resume can be hard if you don't have experience. But you need experience in order to write your student resume. Right? So, what do you do? The truth is, you probably have lots of great stuff to put on your resume. Stuff like projects from school, participation in sports and clubs, and…
How to write a student resume
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How to Make a Resume in 2023

This article will walk you through, step by step, how to make a resume in 2023. Let's face it, writing an effective resume is probably one of the hardest things to master in life. For some people it can be downright painful! That's where I come in. You can think of me as your Fairy…
How to write a resume
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