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  • How to Change Careers at 40

    Looking to change careers at 40? You're not alone! Many people find themselves at a crossroads in their professional lives as they enter their 40s. Whether you're looking for a new challenge, seeking better work-life balance, or pursuing a passion, a career change can be a fulfilling and exciting journey. You might be wondering if…

    How to Change Careers at 40
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  • Best Stay-at-Home Mom Resume Example

    Looking to create your stay-at-home mom resume? Whether you're a stay-at-home mom returning to work or a parent considering a career change, crafting a resume that highlights your unique and relevant skills and experiences is crucial. In this blog post, we'll provide you with an effective stay at home mom resume example that will help…

    best stay-at-home mom resume example
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  • Six Best Home-Based Jobs

    Are you looking for a remote job, but you're not sure where to start? I've got you covered! This blog post features six top home-based jobs that do not require an advanced degree and have high earning potential. How do I know these are legitimate home-based jobs? Well, a few years ago, I was also…

    Daughter hugging her mom as she works on her computer researching the six best home-based jobs
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  • 10 Best Jobs for 12-Year-Olds

    My energetic tween recently asked me, "Mom, can I work?" Given my 20+ years as a career coach, I felt compelled to give an intelligent, knowledgeable response. But in reality, I didn't have a clear answer for her. Can a ten-year-old do work besides household chores? I thought to myself. "Uh, let me do some…

    Twelve year old girl babysitting for a young boy, using a rolling pin together to roll our cookie dough
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  • 4 Steps to Create a Dynamic Career Change Cover Letter

    Writing a career change cover letter can be tough. Especially if you're actually targeting your letters to every single job (this is what I recommend doing, by the way)! Then add in a major career switch and it might seem darn near impossible. You might be wondering how you can write a strong, targeted letter…

    4 steps to create a dynamic career change cover letter
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  • How to Use a Mom Planner to Get Organized

    About a year ago, I was ready to pull my hair out trying to keep my house clean and organized, plan meals, and stay on top of my kids' busy schedules, to name just a few. If this sounds at all like you, keep reading to learn how to use a mom planner to get…

    image of a mom planner with a pen and cip of coffee
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  • How to Use a Functional Resume Template

    If you're changing jobs, updating your resume can be daunting. Especially if you have a career gap, you've done a lot of job hopping, and/or if you are making a big career change (like switching from accounting to teaching). Enter the functional resume template. As a career coach and Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) for…

    woman typing her functional resume on a laptop.
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  • How to Identify Transferable Skills to List on Your Resume

    Are you looking to break into a new career field? If you are lacking related experience, it can be tricky to write your rewrite your resume for a career change. Learning how to identify transferable skills to list on your resume is a powerful way to highlight your relevant qualifications and stand out to potential…

    Wooden blocks that says "sell your skills," symbolically introducing concept of how to identify transferable skills to list on your resume
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