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Career Change Resources

Career Change Can Be Intimidating

Especially if you’re not sure which direction you want to go

Don’t worry, The Career Counter’s got you covered!

We have a wide range of career articles, services, and products to help you make the big change one small step at a time.

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Easy to Edit, Downloadable Resume Templates

Take the pain and stress away from updating your resume with our job-winning resume templates!

Whether you're changing industries, getting back into the workforce, or moving forward in your career, we're here for you!

For those changing careers, we recommend our Functional Resume Template. Use it to highlight your skills & experience and apply them to a new career field!

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Professional Resume Writting

Land More Interviews and Get Hired Fast

For those changing careers, you need to highlight your relevant skills & experience and show how they transfer to a new industry

Let us help you make a strong first impression. Hiring managers and recruiters typically spend only a few seconds reviewing each resume. Make sure yours lands in the yes pile

Increase your chances of landing an interview by tailoring your resume for a specific job. We can help you stand out from other applicants

Discover our Career Change Articles 

How Hiring a Career Coach Can Benefit Your Career

You might be wondering if hiring a career coach is right for you. What type of outcomes can you expect? Does it guarantee you will land a job quickly? These are common questions I get asked by clients who inquire about our career coaching services. Read on to find out why or why not you…
How Hiring a Career Coaching Can Benefit Your Career
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Why Hire a Resume Writer?

Why hire a resume writer? After all, you can presumably type information onto a standard Word or Google document. The only other thing you need is a fairly good recollection of your career history and greatest strengths and achievements and decent writing skills. A caffeinated beverage is also a plus. This is where many job…
Why hire a professional resume writer
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How to Write a Killer Functional Resume in 2022

Thinking of using a functional resume style? It's important to not only understand why you should use a functional resume format, but also how to write a functional resume to land an interview. In this article, I'll outline why you might want to use a functional resume style as well as how to write a…
Functional resume skills
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Four In-Demand Career Fields in 2022

If you're thinking about making a career pivot, here's four in-demand career fields in 2022. It can feel overwhelming to think about making a big career change. However, if you start the process by researching career fields that are in demand, you can put yourself ahead of the game! Read below to learn about four…
Restart your career
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How I Pursued My Dream Career during COVID

I started a new job four days before the pandemic hit the United States. Four. days. before. Looking back now I can sort of laugh. But at the time it didn't feel very funny. I had been searching for months and months to find a flexible job. A job that would allow me to pick…
How I pursued my dream during covid
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Top Six Career Change Tips for Moms

If you're a mom making a career change, there are many factors to consider. Are you willing to get more training or education? If you're changing industries, are you willing to take a pay cut? What type of flexibility does your target job or industry offer? Career change after kids is entirely possible. In fact,…
Top Career Change Tips for Moms
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