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Ultimate Mom Planner

Streamline your meal planning, cleaning, budgeting, and to do lists. Designed to help you keep your home and family life organized, all in one convenient location!

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Improving Lives, Everyday

Here's what our customers are saying about the Ultimate Planner:

  • I feel so much more prepared and ready for the year with my planner! I've already got meals planned out for the next month and I think I might even get on top of my cleaning for once (haha). SO worth the money! Can't wait to print out and assemble my new planner.

  • This is exactly what I needed to get organized for the summer! I am not good with making my own lists so it's helping me with meal planning, shopping lists and a cleaning schedule. My kids have even enjoyed having their own lists of chores to do and check off each week! This is just what I needed!!!

  • It takes forever to get my kids to do anything. Having the chore chart, daily school checklist, and morning and evening checklists has made a huge difference. My kids know what the expectations are now with their daily schedules, including homework and chores, and things get done so much faster now (and with less complaining).

  • Very comprehensive. This has everything from meal planning to party planning. Love it!

  • Do you struggle with these home planning tasks?

    Organized woman sitting at a desk, working on her family's schedule and to-do list
    Very happy mom, dad, and daughter laying on a bed

    Studies show that family routines have been linked to social skills development & academic success!

    Did you know?

    Creating routines has been linked to improvement in self-control, social skills, as well as building stronger child-parent bonds by reducing power struggles.

    In fact, household routines like meal planning and time management are not just good for kids, they are also known to improve the health and well-being of adults!

    Are you ready to love being at home again?

    Here is what you will receive in the ultimate Mom planner:

    Effortless Organization

    Flip Through Our Printable Planner

    Lee, The Career Counter Founder, has over 20 years experience helping people achieve their potential

    Founder, The Career Counter

    Hi, I'm Lee

    I'm a wife, mother, career coach, entrepreneur, and home organizer extraordinaire!

    My biggest passion is creating career and home organization resources to help women acheive happiness in their work and home lives.

    If you're in need of simple, proven tools to help you in your career or home, you've come to the right place!

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    Please contact us and we will help you get on your way to a happy and organized home.

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    • How do I print and adhere my planner tabs?

    • Isn’t it much easier to buy a hard copy planner that’s already assembled?

      Hard copy planners are already put together, true. However, you will have to purchase a new planner every single year which can be costly.

      Our printable planner has blank pages so that you can print and use the planner as many times as you need to and only print and use the pages you need.

      This means you can use our printable planner again every year, saving you tons of money!

    • What if I don’t think I need all of the templates in the planner?

      If you don’t need all the templates, you can just print what you need.

      Your digital file never expires so you can always print a template later if your needs change!

    • What if I don’t want to hassle with assembling the binder?

      You don’t have to assemble your printables into a binder.

      You can also just attach them to a clipboard or hang them individually on your fridge with a magnet, or adhere to a bulletin board!

    • Who is this planner made for?

      If you can relate to any of the following statements, then the Ultimate Mom Planner is right for you!

      • I don’t typically plan my home management tasks (i.e. cleaning, meal prep) in advance and it causes me a lot of stress.
      • I feel like I need a better, more efficient way to organize my family schedule and household routines, but I have no idea how to do it or where to start.
      • Most of the time I feel like I’m just sort of throwing things together and doing things around the house (i.e. cleaning, home maintenance, cooking, planning parties or events, scheduling activities) as they come up and it’s always last minute.
      • My family is always running late in the morning and everyone is stressed out.
      • It takes me forever to get my kids to do anything around the house, including chores and homework. 
      • I wish there were an easy way to get my kids on a schedule and to bed on time at night!
    • Why should I buy the Ultimate Mom Planner when I can download free planners?

      Every single template in the Ultimate Mom Planner was professionally and meticulously designed to provide comprehensive, proven household planning tools all in one simple location.

    • Isn’t it easier to buy a pre-made planner?

      While you could purchase a pre-made, hard-copy planner, you can only use it once.

      This printable planner includes blank pages for every template so you can print it as often as you like!

    • Can I continue to use the planner year after year?

      Every template includes a blank page so that you can use it over and over again each year or edit anytime you need to.

    • How do I assemble the printable planner?

      You will need the following items to assemble your Ultimate Planner:

      • Download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free) to open the PDF file
      • Printer – you can either print your planner at home or have it printed at a shop
      • Scissors and double-sided tape or glue stick to cut out and adhere the tabs to the dividers
      • Three-ring binder – or you can also simply print and attach to a clipboard!
    • What is included in the Ultimate Mom Planner?

      Printable PDF immediately available to download and print after purchase.

      Eleven binder divider templates to categorize your household planner into sections

      • Printable tabs in MS Word format so you can change the tab colors to your heart’s content.
      • Each tab when folded is 1.5″ x 0.80″ arranged on an 8.5 x 11″ sheet

      Step by step instructions how to cut out and adhere your binder tabs.

    See What Our Customers Are Saying

    1. Kassie Reynolds (verified owner)

      Great Product!

    2. Jasimine Randoff (verified owner)

      Just printed – it turned out beautiful.

    3. Kristy Benson (verified owner)

      Fast download! User Friendly! Love it!

    4. Olivia Redford (verified owner)

      Easy to download. Great quality – would highly recommend!

    5. Cathy Carew (verified owner)

      Super easy and fast download. Prints beautifully. Has everything I need to organize my crazy house, LOL.

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