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  • How to Take Control during Career Uncertainty

    I literally just started a new job last week. Talk about bad timing! I was on the third day of my new job when the COVID-19 turmoil began to hit. I honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry. But here's the reality: I've got two little kids to take care of at home…

    How to Take Control during Career Uncertainty
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  • Five Tips for Working from Home With Kids

    I just received news that I will be working from home with kids for god knows how long. My kid's schools will be closing starting Monday until at least the end of March. Also, I just literally started a new job earlier this week. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Maybe a little…

    How to work at home with kids during COVID
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  • Four Money Saving (and Earning) Tips for 2022

    If your goals for 2022 include saving some extra cash, you're not alone. According to CNBC, roughly 70% of Americans have money-related new year's resolutions. By learning about simple money saving tips, you're moving one step closer toward your goal. But simply having a vague goal to "save money" will most likely not give you…

    money saving tips
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  • The Ultimate Guide to Job Search

    You're ready to start the job search process. But where exactly do you start? Do you simply turn on your computer and type in "find a job in ______" into the search window? Magically, 50 perfect jobs appear right before your eyes. You get your pick of those 50 opportunities and you wind up with…

    How to find a job (Ultimate Guide)
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  • Three-Step Recipe For Writing a Great Blog Post

    Sitting down to write a great blog post is much easier said than done. There's a reason the term "writer's block" is so ubiquitous. Everyone suffers from it at some point. But you don't want to stay stuck too long. Instead of wasting hours staring at your screen, try using the following simple, three step…

    How to write a great blog post
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  • How to Pick the Perfect Blog Topic

    Need some help picking the perfect blog topic? Well look no further! This article will cover how to pick the perfect blog topic, including advice for choosing a domain or blog name. What is a blog? Before I get into picking the perfect blog topic, let's first go over the definition of a blog. Basically,…

    Use Blogging to tell your story
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  • How to Start a Blog in Five Easy Steps

    You might be wondering, can I really learn how to start a blog in five easy steps? The answer is yes! It's really that simple. I talk to friends all the time who tell me they really want to start a blog. But then that's where it ends. They are either too scared, or too…

    Starting a mom blog
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  • Create a Productive Work from Home Schedule in Four Simple Steps

    If you're a work at home mom, creating a productive work from home schedule can be a bit like piecing together a large jigsaw puzzle. Read below to learn about four simple steps for developing an organized, efficient, and most importantly, productive work from home schedule: Step One: Find Your Happy Medium There are many…

    Create a Productive Work from Home Schedule
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