Homeschool Mom Resume Example

homeschool mom resume example

Pictured below is our homeschool mom resume example

homeschool mom resume example
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Why this homeschool resume example works

The job applicant has communicated clearly in the professional profile what specific skills they have gained as a homeschool teacher and how these skills can translate to their career goal of preschool teacher. This takes away any guesswork for a recruiter or hiring manager.

If your stay-at-home parent resume is not targeted toward your career goal or if your resume doesn’t make a strong case for why you are a qualified applicant for your targeted job, you will likely not get called for an interview.

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Can you put homeschool teacher on your resume?

As you can see from the homeschool teacher resume example above, you can definitely include the title of “homeschool teacher” on your stay-at-home mom resume or full time mother cv. Other titles you can include are: “homeschool instructor,” “homeschool educator,” or even “homeschool parent.” You can select the resume title that you feel comfortable with and/or which most accurately reflects your experience.

How to list “homeschool” on resume

Once you have figured out which title you want to use for your homeschool teaching experience, you need to decide where to list this position. Even if this is or was a non-paid position, you can definitely list it under your experience section, especially if it relates to your career goal. If your homeschool teaching is not directly relevant to your career goal, you can include it in a “Volunteer Experience” section or keep it under “Experience.”

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If you don’t have any other recent, relevant experience that is related to your targeted job, I suggest including your homeschool teaching experience under your Experience section of your resume to avoid a resume gap or employment gap. If an employer sees a gap on your resume, they will make an assumption about what you did (or what you didn’t do for that matter). By listing your stay-at-home mom experience and/or your homeschool teacher experience you are owning your narrative and marketing your valuable skills and experience!

Additional Homeschool Teacher Resume Example

homeschool mom resume example - tan heading

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should a homeschool mom resume example include?

    A homeschool mom resume example should market your relevant skills that relate to your career goal. Common resume sections for a homeschool mom resume include: summary or objective statement, education background, teaching experience, relevant skills, and any certifications or qualifications. It can also highlight any extracurricular activities or volunteer work.

  • How can a homeschool mom showcase her teaching experience on a resume?

    To showcase teaching experience on a homeschool mom resume, it’s essential to emphasize the subjects taught, teaching methods utilized, and any notable achievements or outcomes. Including details about curriculum development, personalized lesson plans, and individualized student assessments will highlight the homeschool mom’s expertise and commitment to education.

  • Are there any specific keywords or phrases related to homeschooling that should be included in a homeschool mom resume example?

    Yes, in a homeschool mom resume example, it’s beneficial to include relevant keywords and phrases such as homeschooling, individualized instruction, curriculum development, lesson planning, student assessment, educational resources, parent-teacher collaboration, and extracurricular activities. These keywords will help optimize the resume for search engine results and increase the chances of appearing in relevant search queries.

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