How to Use ChatGPT to Write a Stay at Home Mom Resume

Learn how to use Chat GPT to write a stay at home mom resume

Writing a great stay-at-home mom resume using ChatGPT can feel very daunting. I know, because I had to write a resume as a stay-at-home mom when I was returning to the paid workforce. I felt overwhelmed and intimidated. What if my skills were outdated? Would my career break be counted against me? What in the heck is this ChatGPT thing and how will it help me in my job search?!

If you are feeling stressed, you’re not alone! In this article I am going to break down the process of how to write a stay-at-home mom resume using ChatGPT. If you are also confused about this whole “ChatGPT thing,” I’ll explain that as well.

Step One: What is ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot that was designed based on a group of large language models. Have I lost you yet? Bear with me. These language models have been designed to understand and generate human-like answers to questions. The reason that the models can give you human-like answers is because they have been trained on huge amounts of data from the internet. This data is generated from books, articles, websites, and even social media (we’re talking hundreds of billions of words). Holy moly!

You might be wondering how this can help you write a strong stay-at-home mom resume. As long as you know which questions to ask ChatGPT, it will be able to provide you with detailed suggestions. Specifically, it will write examples of how to translate and market your relevant mom experience and skills toward your targeted field. I’ll show you exactly how to do this in the next few steps!

Step Two: What to Ask

In order to write an effective, detailed stay-at-home mom resume using ChatGPT, you need to ask the right questions. For example, if you ask a vague question like “How do I write a stay-at-home mom resume,” you will get a vague answer. I suggest writing about specific skillsets or experiences you have gained during your career pause and connecting them with your targeted field.

Read below to see examples of specific, targeted questions you can ask ChatGPT:

  • The following is an example of a question:  “Write me a professional summary for a resume that relates how my stay-at-home mom skills will help me be successful as a bookkeeper.”
  • Here is a sample of the verbiage from the ChatGPT response: “Dedicated household manager seeking to translate experience and skills like budgeting, expense tracking, and resource allocation to succeed as a bookkeeper with XYZ organization.  Proven track record of success working 5+ years as bookkeeper and office manager in fast-paced, corporate environments. Exceptional organizational and multitasking abilities while managing complex schedules, budgets, and household expenses.”
  • The following is another example of a question: “Write me a professional summary for a resume that relates how my stay-at-home mom experience will help me be successful as a marketing assistant.”
  • Here is a sample of the verbiage from the ChatGPT response: “Proven ability to leverage written communication and interpersonal skills into developing impactful social media marketing campaigns. 4+ years of experience as co-chair of PTA marketing committee, honing market research, SEO, and campaign development skills. Reputation for unique ability to connect and collaborate with diverse stakeholders to achieve a common goal.”

Step Three: Market Your Achievements

It’s important to not just list your job duties on your resume. In order to highlight specific accomplishments, you need to think about specific examples of how you go above and beyond in your prior and/or current jobs. For jobs that deal with numbers like sales, accounting, or finance, I suggest quantifying whenever possible. For example, did you design and implement a new process or procedure? Did you increase efficiency or save time or money? What about increasing sales or acquiring new clients or customers?

Or let’s say you work in an industry that is not driven by numbers. For example, teaching or customer service. In this case, your achievements will likely sound different. Here are some examples of possible achievements: How many customers did you assist? What is your average customer service rating? If you’re in education, what teaching methodologies do you use and what is the positive result? What does going above and beyond look like in your field?

Below are some examples of questions you can ask ChatGPT to generate accomplishment statements:

  • The following is an example of a question:  “Write me an accomplishment statement for my resume that illustrates how the listening skills I developed as a stay-at-home mom will help me to be a successful customer service representative.”
  • Here is an example of a corresponding achievement statement generated by ChatGPT: “Cultivated supportive and empathetic environment, allowing open dialogue and establishing trust with my children, enabling them to express themselves freely.”
  • Here’s another sample question: “Write me a resume achievement statement that demonstrates how my ability to juggle multiple priorities as a mom will help me be an effective event planner.”
  • Here is the corresponding response from ChatGPT: “Developed strong organizational skills by efficiently managing conflicting schedules, coordinating transportation logistics, and ensuring timely attendance at various events as stay-at-home mom. Ability to prioritize tasks and allocate resources effectively, resulting in smooth operation of multiple activities.”

Step Four: Beware of the Limitations

Just like any form of technology, there are limitations to using ChatGPT. For example, it can only generate responses using the first person and personal pronouns. On the resume, the first person is not typically used. I suggest limiting the use of extra articles and pronouns like “I,” “and” and “am” on your resume. These extra words aren’t necessary to include and take up valuable real estate. Unless you are applying for jobs in higher education or research, your resume should be on the more succinct side (one to two pages max).

My recommendations for using ChatGPT to write your resume are the following:

  • Use it primarily as a conversation starter. For example, type in specific questions. Next, use some of the language it generates to help you write your resume. Finally, always edit the ChatGPT response. Remove extra pronouns and unnecessary language. Do not include skills or strengths that you do not have.
  • Always print out and edit your resume and have someone else edit it for you as well. Do not rely solely on a chat bot to write and edit your resume!
  • You will still need to format your resume and make it look professional and clean. Check out our resume templates, which are tailored to specific career and life circumstances like layoff, returning parent, student, and work from home.

In Conclusion

If you know what questions to ask ChatGPT, the technology can be successfully used to help you create an effective, targeted stay-at-home mom resume.

However, it’s also important to remember that you should always be the primary author of any formal document that you submit. In other words, make sure to always put information into your own words, especially if you feel like something does not accurately represent your background. You know yourself better than a chat bot! But you can definitely use ChatGPT to get you started in the process of updating your resume!

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