Find a Job Fast Starter Guide for Moms


The Find a Job Fast Starter Guide for Moms will allow you to:
  • Find flexible & family-friendly jobs using our exclusive list of vetted, job sites specifically for busy moms and moms returning to work.
  • Identify your biggest job priorities  (i.e. income, ideal work schedule, type of flexibility).
  • Write targeted resumes and cover letters using our professionally designed guides and templates made specifically for moms.

The Starter Guide will allow you to:

  • Achieve better work / life balance.
  • Get the kind of flexibility you need in a job.
  • Earn money and still be able to spend time with your family.
  • Spend less time applying for jobs that aren’t the right fit.
  • Set yourself apart from thousands of other applicants by networking your way into your ideal industry or company.
  • Leverage your current skills & experience into creating the career you’ve always dreamed of.
Find a Job Fast Starter Guide for Moms

Have ALL the tools you need to find and land your dream job, all in one place!!

Here’s exactly what you’ll get in the Starter Guide:

Step One: Self-Reflect

Personal Job Search Guide

You can evaluate how well your most important job-related “must haves” are reflected in the positions you apply for so you land a job that’s a great fit!

Strengths & Passion Brainstorm

Finding a job that is congruent with your biggest strengths and passions will greatly increase your chances of being happy and fulfilled in your career.

Work Priorities Checklist

Determine your biggest career must have’s, like income, job type, work environment, and flexibility.

Find a job fast starter guide for moms step one

Essential Items to Consider Guide When Job Hunting

Set your goals & timeline for finding a job and learn how to kick low-self esteem and mom guilt to the curb!

Step Two: Research

Job Search Resources

Use these vetted job search sites developed specifically for parents so you can guarantee you’ll land a flexible job at a family-friendly company.

Networking Tips

Roughly 80% of jobs today are filled through networking! So if you’re only using traditional methods (i.e. applying for advertised jobs), you’re significantly decreasing your chances of landing an interview.

Find a job fast starter guide for moms step two

Learn how to set yourself apart by building and leveraging your professional and personal networks so you can get your resume into the hands of a hiring manager!

Step Three: Apply

Resume Secrets for Success

Learn how to combat common resume roadblocks like employment gaps, age bias, and overqualification.

Writing Resume Accomplishment Statements

This step by step guide will help you quickly and successfully market your biggest strengths and achievements so you stand out from the crowd.

Resume Action Verbs

Write powerful, results-oriented statements on your resume using this resource with 100+ action verbs broken down by industry.

Find a job fast starter guide for moms step three

Plus Special Bonus #1

Resume template for moms

Never worry about your employment gap or time away from the paid workforce again! Honor your stay-at-home-mom experience with our custom resume template just for mamas!

Resume skills for moms

Translate mom skills to job skills quickly and easily with our mom skills worksheet!

Cover letter template

Find a Job Faster Special Bonus #1

Take the pain and stress out of writing your cover letter. With plenty of writing prompts to guide you along, you can craft a targeted letter that will grab a hiring manager’s attention.

Thank you letter

Set yourself apart from thousands of other applicants by crafting a detailed thank you note.

Reference letter

When it comes time to send your references you’ll be ready with our matching references template.

Special Bonus #2

Daily, Weekly, & Monthly To Do Lists

Stay motivated and eliminate the overwhelm of a career change or job search by tracking your goals on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Interview Tracker

Track important interview information, like follow-ups, next steps, and contact information.

Find a job fast starter guide for moms bonus number two


Will the Starter Guide guarantee me an interview or a job?2022-04-02T09:35:45-07:00

While the starter guide won’t guarantee you an interview or job offer, it WILL make the process of finding and landing your dream job much smoother and easier, as well as dramatically increasing your chances of landing a job you will love!

There’s tons of free resume templates on the internet. What’s so special about your templates?2022-04-02T09:34:41-07:00

Most resume templates available for free on the internet are NOT compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems. The resume templates are all ATS (Applicant Tracking System) compatible and designed by a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) with over 20 years of experience writing and designing thousands of resumes that get clients results!

Did you know, studies show roughly 95% of Fortune 500 companies use ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) to scan resumes?

Use these templates and avoid having your resume thrown out without ever being seen by a recruiter!!!

Can’t I just Google all this information for free?2022-04-02T09:30:30-07:00

Yes, it’s true there is a TON of free career information out there. However, you cannot find my simple, proven three-step formula for career success on the internet. If you want to save yourself time, money, and frustration, this starter guide course IS worth the money!


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