Top 8 Part-Time Jobs for High School Students

part-time jobs for high school students

Looking for the perfect part-time jobs for high school students? We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re saving up for college, want some extra spending money, or simply looking to gain work experience, I’ve rounded up the top 8 part-time jobs based on factors like flexible hours and great pay. Not to mention that part-time work will allow you to build your resume and even gain skills for your future career.

Part-Time Jobs for High School Students

Food Service Worker

I’ve always heard about how companies like Starbucks have amazing health benefits for part-time workers or baristas. I just did the research on Glassdoor and sure enough, employee reviews detail how the benefits are great and, even better, you get a 30% discount on your favorite coffee or tea beverage. You also get a free pound of coffee per week (I can feel the caffeine buzz from here)!

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After doing some further investigation, it appears that Starbucks also offers an average starting salary of $18 per hour (this is pretty good for a high school student’s first job) college tuition reimbursement, parental leave, health benefits, stock options, and 401(k). The only two questions swirling around in my head are:

Where was this job when I was in high school?

Should I quit my day job and work for Starbucks?

Other companies that offer part-time jobs for high school students include places like Chick Fil A, which also offers competitive pay well above minimum wage, as well as scholarship opportunities of up to $50K and lots of opportunities for part-time employees to advance.

My best advice if you are a high schooler looking for your first part-time gig, or you are a parent helping your child search for their first part-time gig, do the research! Creating an account on Glassdoor is free and only takes a few minutes. From there, type in the company name you are interested in, and you can search for information like salary, benefits, open jobs, and also (most importantly), employee reviews.

Reading employee reviews will give you a pretty good idea of what it’s like to work at a specific company and also what the company culture is like.

Also important to note that 16 is the minimum age in most states in the US for working at many fast food and restaurant chains.

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Part-Time Jobs for High School Students With No Experience

Babysitter or Pet Sitter

I realize this one is obvious, but I’ve gotta include it in my list of part-time jobs for high school students because this is a great first job for a high-schooler (or even a middle-schooler). There is no minimum age requirement, and even better, the pay is awesome. This is probably my top job for high school students with no experience and/or part-time jobs for tweens.

If you or your child is interested in getting a babysitting or pet sitting gig, I recommend to first do the research on Glassdoor or and see what the average pay is for your particular location (i.e. city, state).

My very first job as a 12-year-old was babysitting our next-door-neighbor’s kid. It was convenient. It paid really well. And best of all, it allowed me to strengthen skills like responsibility, work ethic, and flexibility. These are all skills that high school students don’t necessarily learn in the classroom, but that they will need in the work world and that they can include on their high school resume.

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If you are more into dogs than humans (hey, I totally get it, so am I), pet sitting or dog walking might be the best route for you. Not only is this job great for high school students, but I know plenty of adults who do this as a side gig and love it. That said, to land this type of job you can make a flyer and walk around your neighborhood, advertising your services. If you go this route, I recommend having an adult with you for safety reasons (especially if you are a younger high schooler). The plus to starting your own dog sitting or dog walking buz is that you can charge whatever you want.

However, the downside to running your own business is that it can be hard to get clients on your own. If you want a more steady stream of doggie customers, there are also companies like Rover, Wag! and which offer babysitting, pet sitting, mother’s helper, and all kinds of other child and pet care types of jobs.

Summer Jobs for High School Students With No Experience

Swim Instructor or Lifeguard

If you are a water-lover and you want to get some exercise while earning money (and a nice tan while you’re at it), this could very well be the part-time jobs for high school students for you! Now I’m not gonna lie, these jobs are very physically demanding and will definitely wear you out, but in a good way.

Both jobs will require training and CPR certification, but these credentials look amazing on your high school resume and even college applications. Not only that, but you will gain so many amazing skills like calm under pressure, flexibility and adaptability, and patience, to name just a few.

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I admit part of the appeal of a lifeguard job comes from movies and shows that make it look really cool like Baywatch (I realize you high schoolers probably don’t know what I’m talking about, but your parents do). But again, even though these jobs seem exciting, they are also demanding and require physical strength and people skills (especially swim instructors). If you don’t like kids, people, running fast in the sand in slow motion, or swimming, this might not be the gig for you. Just sayin’.

Fun Jobs for High Schoolers

Amusement or Water Park Employee

If you love theme parks and you want a fun summer job, working at Six Flags, Disneyland, or another amusement park near you could be an amazing (not to mention fun) opportunity. You will definitely improve your people skills (you’re dealing with the general public and folks from different countries and cultures) and your work ethic.

Similar to being a lifeguard and swim instructor, these part-time jobs for high school students can be physically demanding. You might have to walk around for hours or stand for long periods of time.

And let me tell you, being a lifeguard at a water park is no joke. I’ve never seen such hard workers as I did last summer when I took my kids to Soak City here in Southern California. The lifeguards were ON IT. I was so impressed. Some of the employee reviews I read online mention that it’s great to work for a water park because you stay active, there lots of discounted food, and it’s fun to work at a water park because you meet lots of interesting people.

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Camp Counselor

This is a terrific job if you want to escape your family for a one to several months in the summer. Especially if it’s a sleep away camp. Camp counselors have the ability to make an impact on kids’ lives and also develop life-long friendships with their fellow counselors.

Many of these types of jobs do require that you be at least 18 years old. It makes sense given the high level of responsibility for children in your care. However, if you’re a high schooler and you’re not quite old enough, you can work your way toward becoming a camp counselor.

For example, get a part-time or volunteer job that involves working with kids like babysitting or tutoring. You can also take courses and earn certifications like CPR to make yourself more marketable.

Highest Paying Jobs for High School Students


One of the best paying jobs for high schoolers is tutoring. If you have a subject in school that you are great at and that you also enjoy, tutoring could be a great option to earn extra cash. It also helps if you have good people skills. Teaching requires a lot of patience and listening skills.

You can offer tutoring services to your community by posting flyers and also announcing your services on social media. If you are older you can also join sites like

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Hostess / Food Server

If your goal is to be a server, you will likely have to start with being a host or hostess. However, once you are a server, you will earn tips on top of your hourly wages. Working in a restaurant is very fast-paced but you will never be bored and the work will allow you to improve your people and multitasking skills.

Additional Jobs for Teenagers

Retail / Sales Associate

If you love fashion and clothes and find yourself spending your free time shopping, why not get paid for it? A close friend of mine in high school worked at Old Navy and she loved it. Even better, she went on to major in fashion design so it was a great way for her to start her to acquire experience in retail and merchandising. Plus huge bonus: many companies will give you a discount on clothes and other items!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some of the best part-time jobs for high school students?

    Some of the best part-time jobs for high school students include positions in retail, food service, tutoring, babysitting, and dog walking. These types of jobs offer flexible hours, allowing students to balance work and school commitments effectively.

  • How can high school students find part-time jobs?

    High school students can find part-time jobs by utilizing various resources. They can check online job boards specifically tailored for part-time positions, reach out to their school’s career center for job listings, network with family and friends for potential job opportunities, and directly visit local businesses in their area to inquire about any available positions.

  • Are there any guidelines or restrictions for part-time jobs for high school students regarding part-time employment?

    Yes, there are guidelines and restrictions for high school students when it comes to part-time employment. These vary based on local laws and regulations. Generally, there are limitations on the number of hours students can work during school days and age restrictions for certain types of jobs, such as operating heavy machinery or working in hazardous environments. It’s important for students to familiarize themselves with these guidelines to ensure they comply with the legal requirements while seeking part-time employment.

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