Top Five Flexible Part-Time Jobs for Full-Time Moms

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Finding a flexible, part-time job when you’re a full-time mom can be challenging to say the least. But it doesn’t have to be.

For the last six years I’ve been a full-time mama to two (mostly) cute kiddos, and I’ve had to look for part-time jobs a few times. So I’ve literally been there and done that.

And I’m going to share my list of top five part-time jobs with you.

Part-Time Job #1: Contracting


  • There are contract positions in literally every industry and field
  • Many contract positions are remote, so you can work from home
  • If you want to make your own schedule, many contract jobs will allow you to do so


  • Many contract jobs do not have consistent hours, which doesn’t equate to a steady, reliable income source
  • You often don’t have health and other benefits you get as a full-time, permanent employee
  • Working from home (if you have little ones at home, working from home can be a wee bit challenging at times)

Top resources:


FlexJobs was created by a full-time mama seeking part-time, flexible work! This website has every kind of part-time position imaginable, including remote jobs, part-time and fulll-time contract jobs, as well as non-remote jobs.


Simply Hired


The job search sites listed above are all sites I’ve used and recommended over the past 15 years as a career coach, and all feature part-time, flexible jobs for full-time moms. Tip: In the search tabs, type in the keywords “part-time and / or “flexible jobs.”

Flexible Part-Time Job #2: Blogging


  • You can start a blog for $10 or less
  • You can blog about any topic
  • If you’re dedicated and consistent, you can make a really good part or even full-time income


  • It takes lots of time and work to make a steady income blogging
  • There is no accountability (i.e. you have no boss, so you really have to stay motivated)

If you are interested in starting a mom blog, but you don’t know where to start, check out Start a Mom Blog in Five Easy Steps. I will literally walk you through the process.

I talk to moms all the time who want to start a blog, but then that’s where it ends. Picking a topic to blog about can be challenging, but don’t let it stop you from starting your blog. Picking a blog topic is actually not as difficult as it seems. Check out How to Pick the Perfect Blog Topic to get started!

Part-Time Job #3: Become a part-time employee

This is different from a contract position. If you are already a full-time employee of a company or organization and you can plan ahead, arranging to go from full to part-time is an awesome way to reduce your workload and still be home with your kids some or most of the time.


  • You don’t have to look for a new job (you’re already an employee of the company)
  • Sometimes you can keep your full-time pay rate and benefits


  • There’s no guarantee you’ll get your full-time position back (if you want it later)

If you are about to go out on maternity leave, or you’re already on leave, here’s what to do:

Schedule a time to talk to your manager or supervisor. Have a plan outlined for the work you plan to do, and the schedule you would like.

I know many moms who went from full-time to part-time after having kids.

Part-Time Job #4: Tutoring


  • You can charge a lot per hour for tutoring (education companies typically pay tutors at least $30 and above per hour)
  • You can tutor in virtually any subject or area of expertise


  • You typically need to be a subject matter expert and / or have teaching experience to get hired by a tutoring organization

Part-Time Job #5: Childcare / Pet Care


  • Childcare be a wonderful income source, especially if you already have young children at home. I know many moms who take care of one or two other kids in addition to their own little ones during the day (note, if you want to open a daycare where you’re caring for more than a couple kids, you will most likely need to obtain a daycare license).
  • Are you a pet lover? Becoming a dog walker or pet sitter is super easy! I mean, who doesn’t love them some extra doggy or kitty cuddles?


  • Pet-sitting and / or dog walking will most likely require you to work odd hours like early mornings, nights and / or weekends.

The Work at Home Woman has a great article on how to become a professional pet sitter.

So there you have it, my top five flexible part-time jobs for full-time moms!

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