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  • Top 10 Flexible Jobs for Moms

    The other week I got that dreaded call from the nurse's office at my kids' school. "Your daughter is sick and needs to be picked up," I was told. Immediately I knew that I would need to alter the rest of my day. Even though I felt a pang of anxiety about the stuff I…

    flexible jobs for moms
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  • Six Best Home-Based Jobs

    Are you looking for a remote job, but you're not sure where to start? I've got you covered! This blog post features six top home-based jobs that do not require an advanced degree and have high earning potential. How do I know these are legitimate home-based jobs? Well, a few years ago, I was also…

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  • Top Work From Home Jobs for Moms in 2022

    These days moms are juggling more than ever (um, homeschooling anyone?!). Therefore finding flexible work from home jobs for moms in 2021 is key. While the pandemic has wreaked havoc in many ways, there is a major upside for moms career-wise. More and more companies are offering partial or full work from home job opportunities…

    Top Work from Home Jobs
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  • 30 Scam-Free Side Hustles 2022

    There are plenty of reasons to do a side hustle, which is a part-time, flexible job that you can do while working full-time or staying at home and caring for your kids. Read below for an extensive list of side hustles, including jobs from home, online jobs from home, creative jobs, and remote jobs. Before…

    How to get a side hustle
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  • Work from Home Jobs for Moms with No Experience

    You've got kids at home and you need a job fast. Going back to school to earn a certificate or degree might not be an option for you right now. I get it! I'm a mom to two young kids. I understand the challenge of fitting a job in the jigsaw puzzle that is life…

    Work from Home Jobs for Moms with No Experience
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  • Top Six Career Change Tips for Moms

    If you're a mom making a career change, there are many factors to consider. Are you willing to get more training or education? If you're changing industries, are you willing to take a pay cut? What type of flexibility does your target job or industry offer? Career change after kids is entirely possible. In fact,…

    Top Career Change Tips for Moms
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  • Five Key Strategies for Career Change after Kids

    Career change after kids is entirely possible. In fact, it can be down right exhilarating and even fun. You just need the right information and a simple framework. I've never actually sat down and thought specifically about how my mom skills connect to my career as a coach and educator. But looking back on the…

    Five Key Strategies for Career Reinvention after Kids
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  • How to Get a Flexible Job (with Kids at Home)

    For moms returning to work or changing careers, flexibility is key. Given the pandemic, many parents will be home-schooling their kids full or part-time, so having a flexible job is a necessity. Even if your kids are returning to school full-time, flexibility is still an important factor to consider. But how can you tell if…

    How to get a flexible job with kids at home
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