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Top Five Flexible Part-Time Jobs for Full-Time Moms

Finding a flexible, part-time job when you're a full-time mom can be challenging to say the least. But it doesn't have to be. For the last six years I've been a full-time mama to two (mostly) cute kiddos, and I've had to look for part-time jobs a few times. So I've literally been there and…
Woman sitting on pavement next to toddler, thinking about getting a part time job
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How to Pick the Perfect Blog Topic

Need some help picking the perfect blog topic? Well look no further! This article will cover how to pick the perfect blog topic, including advice for choosing a domain or blog name. What is a blog? Before I get into picking the perfect blog topic, let's first go over the definition of a blog. Basically,…
Use Blogging to tell your story
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How to Start a Blog in Five Easy Steps

You might be wondering, can I really learn how to start a blog in five easy steps? The answer is yes! It's really that simple. I talk to friends all the time who tell me they really want to start a blog. But then that's where it ends. They are either too scared, or too…
Starting a mom blog
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Create a Productive Work from Home Schedule in Four Simple Steps

If you're a work at home mom, creating a productive work from home schedule can be a bit like piecing together a large jigsaw puzzle. Read below to learn about four simple steps for developing an organized, efficient, and most importantly, productive work from home schedule: Step One: Find Your Happy Medium There are many…
Create a Productive Work from Home Schedule
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