College Admissions Resume Samples

college admissions resume samples

College application resume examples for high school seniors

College application resume example for high school seniors, grey heading background
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College application word resume template

College application template that is MS word compatible
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High school resume sample for a college application

High school resume sample for use in a college application, grey name heading
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Sample college application resume for an ivy league college

Sample college application resume sample applying to an ivy league college

College admission resume objective examples

Aspiring Engineering Student:
“Passionate and innovative prospective Engineering student eager to contribute to cutting-edge research and collaborative projects at [College Name]. Aims to leverage proven skills in problem-solving, mathematics, and programming to advance technological solutions and pursue career in software development.”

Future Business Major:
“Motivated and entrepreneurial-minded applicant with strong foundation in leadership, aiming to enhance [College Name]’s business community by bringing real-world experience from running successful online store. Dedicated to learning advanced business strategies and contributing to college’s network through active participation in clubs and organizations.”

Prospective Liberal Arts Major:
“Creative and critical thinker aspiring to join [College Name] as Liberal Arts major, with interest in exploring intersections of literature, history, and philosophy. Committed to contributing to academic discussions, cultural clubs, and community service projects while aiming to foster more inclusive and diverse campus environment.”

Future Environmental Science Major:
“Environmentally conscious student driven to explore solutions for sustainable living seeks to join [College Name]’s Environmental Science program. Plans to engage in research and community initiatives to promote sustainability and environmental awareness, leveraging background in volunteer work with local conservation groups.”

Aspiring Computer Science Student:
“Tech-savvy and analytical thinker aiming to contribute to [College Name]’s Computer Science department with strong foundation in coding and software development. Eager to participate in hackathons, research projects, and tech clubs to enhance coding skills and prepare for future in technology innovation.”

Prospective Pre-Med Student:
“Dedicated and compassionate aspiring Pre-Med student seeks admission to [College Name] with goal of contributing to health and well-being of others. With strong foundation in science and volunteer experience at local hospitals, aims to explore medical field through rigorous academics and research opportunities.”

Future Educator:
“Enthusiastic and committed prospective Education major passionate about shaping future of primary education through teaching. Aims to leverage [College Name]’s renowned Education program to gain skills necessary for creating inclusive and effective learning environments, with special interest in literacy and STEM education.”

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Student resume templates

If you aren’t motivated to write your resume quite yet, I recommend at least creating a folder, either hard copy and/or online, that houses all of your awards, recognitions, and activities. That way, when you are ready to write your resume, everything is in one location. College applications are a lot of work. By collecting information early on in high school, the college application process will be easier and less time consuming!

College admissions resume samples: how to organize your information

Although there is not a hard and fast rule about how to categorize your resume, my suggestion is to include the most important information at the top. You might be wondering; how do I know which information is most important? Each and every college application will have very specific instructions about what you need to include (and not include) in your application. I cannot stress this point enough: follow the instructions!

For example, some applications might not request a resume. Some schools will ask that you include a resume, and they will list the specific items that they want you to include. Part of what the college admissions committees will be looking at when reading applications is whether or not applicants can follow instructions. If you include a resume but they did not request a resume, this can be counted against you!

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That said, if a resume is required, the following are common sections to include in your college application resume:

  • Objective or Summary: A brief statement that outlines your goals and specifies the role or program you are applying for as well as the name of the institution.
  • Education: List your high school’s name, expected graduation date, and your GPA (if it’s 3.0 or above). You also want to include any honors or advanced placement courses.
  • Extracurricular Activities: Include clubs, sports, and other non-academic pursuits. Highlight leadership roles and any significant contributions or achievements.
  • Work Experience: If applicable, list any part-time jobs, internships, or volunteer work, along with what you achieved and the skills you acquired.
  • Awards and Honors: Detail any academic or extracurricular awards, scholarships, or recognitions you have received.
  • Skills: Mention any relevant skills, such as foreign languages, computer proficiency, or artistic abilities.
  • Focus on achievements. Rather than merely listing activities or memberships, emphasize what you have achieved or contributed to each role and what makes you shine. Don’t be afraid to brag a little. That’s what your resume is for! Use action verbs and quantify your accomplishments when possible. For instance, instead of saying “Member of the debate team,” specify your contribution with “Assisted debate team in winning regional competitions by researching and presenting solid arguments.”

College admissions resume samples: additional tips

Customize your resume for each college application by emphasizing the experiences and achievements that align with the specific college or program. Research the college’s values and program details to determine what to highlight. Also, read the application thoroughly to make sure you include all of the requested information. This will impress admissions committees because it demonstrates your attention to detail and knowledge of the particular school.

I recommend that you start writing your resume earlier rather than later. Starting your freshman year in high school, you can start writing your resume and add information about your classes, activities, and achievements as you go. Regularly updating your resume will help ensure that you won’t overlook any significant accomplishments when you sit down to write your college admissions resume.

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Review your resume carefully for any spelling or grammatical errors. I highly recommend that you print out your resume and read it over carefully. It’s hard to catch formatting errors and typos when looking at a screen. A polished, error-free resume reflects your attention to detail and professionalism. You can also ask teachers, counselors, or mentors to provide feedback. Their insights can help you improve the content and presentation of your resume.

If you have a portfolio, a personal website, or other relevant materials that showcase your talents or projects, consider including a link in your resume. Make sure that any supplementary material is professional and directly relevant to your application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are college admissions resume samples?

    College admissions resume samples are examples or templates of resumes specifically tailored for students applying to colleges or universities. These samples showcase the recommended format, sections, and content to include in a resume for college admissions purposes.

  • How can college admissions resume samples be helpful?

    College admissions resume samples can be helpful in several ways. Firstly, they provide a visual representation of how a well-structured college admissions resume should look. Secondly, they offer guidance on the type of information to include, such as academic achievements, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and relevant skills. Lastly, these samples can inspire and spark ideas to present oneself effectively on a resume.

  • What should I consider when using college admissions resume samples?

    When using college admissions resume samples, it is important to consider a few factors. Firstly, tailor the sample to your own experiences and achievements to ensure it accurately reflects your unique qualifications. Secondly, follow any specific guidelines provided by the college or university you are applying to, as each institution may have its own preferences. Lastly, while using a sample as a reference, make sure to maintain originality and authenticity in presenting your own accomplishments and aspirations.

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