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In this article I’m going to show you two student resume examples that land interviews. But before I share my two student resume examples, I’m going to talk about the most common resume question I’ve been asked by students as a career coach:

If I don’t have any work experience, how am I supposed to write a resume?!

I get the frustration and confusion. I was once a student too (I won’t mention how long ago that was)!

After all, a resume is supposed to market your work experience, right? And how can you market your work experience if you don’t have any?

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I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: there are LOTS of other things you can list on your resume besides work experience. You’ll see what I’m talking about when you take a look at our student resume examples that land interviews below:

Student Resume Example #1:


City, State │ (987) 654-3210 │ │

Motivated high school student seeking to utilize teamwork and people skills to work in a retail environment. Hard-working and dedicated as evidenced by successfully juggling academics, sports, and student government.
Sierra High School, Sacramento CA Expected: xxxx
GPA: 3.2
Honors: Honor Roll (’21, ’22)
Athletics: Soccer team, swim team, and tennis team
Awards: Perfect Attendance (’20,’21, ’22)
Academics: AP Spanish & English

Extra-Curricular Activities
Student Activities Chair
Student Council xx/xxxx – Present
Serve as liaison between student body and student council. Generate and communicate ideas regarding activities like fundraisers and school events. Co-design and update student government website weekly with announcements and helpful articles.
Key Achievements:
• Helped launch new fundraising event “Spring Dance-a-Thon,” raising 5K in donations.
• Grew participation of student activity volunteers by roughly 50% in two-year period.

Work Experience
Pet Shelter xx/xxxx – xx/xxxx
Expertly cared for and raised morale of animals by walking dogs and visiting with cats on weekly basis. Assisted with cleaning pet enclosures, including feeding and bathing animals.
Key Achievements:
• Chosen to be lead volunteer within first year of participation in volunteer program.
• Successfully trained 10 new student volunteers regarding animal safety and care.

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Student Resume Example #2:


City, State Zip │ (012) 345-6789 │ │

Qualifications Summary
Hard-working, motivated university student seeking to utilize statistical analysis and emotional intelligence skills to intern in field of market research. Possess unique ability to establish quick rapport and trust with diverse classmates. Proven track record of leading project teams by utilizing motivation, empathy, and listening skills.

Bachelor of Arts in Business Expected xx/xxxx
San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
Minor in Marketing GPA: 3.2
Dean’s List (2020); Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority – Communications Chair

Relevant Experience
San Jose State University
Student, Business Administration Department xx/xxxx – present
Pursuing comprehensive four-year program in business with a concentration in marketing, laying groundwork for eventual career in market research analysis.

Completed coursework includes: Integrated Marketing Communications, Supply Chain Analytics, International Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Product Development, & B2B Marketing
Team Project

• Played pivotal role as Marketing Student in collaborative team project, demonstrating exceptional strategic thinking and creativity in devising comprehensive marketing campaign.
• Spearheaded development and execution of innovative social media strategies, resulting in 30% increase in online engagement and 20% growth in brand visibility.
• Proactively contributed to cross-functional teamwork, showcasing strong communication skills and adaptability in dynamic project environment.
• Successfully applied theoretical marketing knowledge to real-world scenarios, achieving project goals and earning commendation from team members and project stakeholders.

Additional Experience
Server / Hostess xx/xxxx – xx/xxxx

• Collaborated with kitchen staff by thoroughly communicating customer preferences and special requests.
• Addressed customer complaints professionally and diplomatically, reporting significant issues to management if necessary.
• Worked collaboratively with team of 50, including servers, kitchen staff, and restaurant management.
Highlights of Achievements:
• Upsold food & beverage items, resulting in 30% sales increase in one year period.

You can see from the two student resume examples listed above that you actually DO have a lot to include on your resume! By listing experience, achievements, and skills from high school, trade school and/or college, you can market your relevant strengths and transferable skills (skills acquired in all school subjects which are applicable in any industry) and tailor your resume directly to your targeted job or field.

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Also, remember that you can and should include volunteer, unpaid, and/or part-time work!

Hopefully this helps give you a roadmap to start creating your own student resume.

If you need additional assistance, using a student resume template can help you to format your resume and give it a clean, professional, and polished look.

Student Resume Examples – Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long should my student resume be?

    As you can see from the student resume examples listed above, your entry-level or student resume should be no more than one page. This is not a hard and fast rule, but hiring managers prefer short, concise resumes!

  • Should I include my GPA on my student resume?

    In the first student resume example, you will notice that the student listed their GPA. The general rule of thumb for listing your GPA on your student resume is if it’s 3.0 or above, include it. If not, leave your GPA off.

  • How do you write a student resume for a first job?

    If you are writing your resume for the first time, use the two student resume examples listed above in this article as a guide. These resume examples for students will guide you through, step by step, each category of the resume and which information to include.

  • What should a high school student put on their resume?

    A high school student can include things like Advanced Placement or AP courses, extra-curricular activities, sports, clubs and organizations, leadership-related activities, honors or dean’s list or special awards or recognitions, volunteer work, part-time work, and internships.

  • What should a college student put on their resume?

    A college student can include things like relevant coursework from their major, internships, job shadowing, part-time jobs, class projects, extra-curricular activities like student organizations and leadership, and academic accolades, awards, and special recognitions.

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