How to Write a Killer Functional Resume in 2022

Functional resume skills

Thinking of using a functional resume style? It’s important to not only understand why you should use a functional resume format, but also how to write a functional resume to land an interview. In this article, I’ll outline why you might want to use a functional resume style as well as how to write a killer functional resume in 2022:

Why you should use a functional resume style in 2022

If you’re making a big career change, for example changing from accounting to human resources, your work history is likely not related to your new career goal. A chronological resume format features the work history and is therefore not the best format for a career change.

Another reason to use a functional resume format is if you’re changing jobs but staying in the same general field. Let’s say for example that you’re working in education and you’re targeting a position as a principal. Your prior work experience is in teaching, not in education administration. A functional resume style will allow you to market your transferable and education-related skills like communication, leadership, and collaboration.

Lastly, a functional resume style is great because it allows you to closely target your resume toward the specific job you’re applying for.

How to write a killer functional resume in 2022

Now that you know why you should use a functional resume format, let’s talk about how to write one:

Step One: Analyze Job Posting

Print out the job posting of the position you are targeting. Take a pen and highlight or underline all the keywords, skills, and qualifications listed in the job announcement.

Step Two: Identify Skill Areas

Make a list of three to four key skill areas that are highlighted in the job posting and that you also possess. These are the skillsets you will highlight on your functional resume.

Step Three: Identify Skill Categories

Include these three to four key skill categories on your resume like in the example below. Make sure to use bullet points, and describe your related skills and achievements using action verbs, nouns, and adjectives.

functional resume example

In Conclusion

Writing a killer functional resume in 2022 is pretty cut and dry when you have a recipe for success! Check out the following additional resources to help you craft a cover letter and ace your next interview!

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