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  • How to Change Careers at 40

    Looking to change careers at 40? You're not alone! Many people find themselves at a crossroads in their professional lives as they enter their 40s. Whether you're looking for a new challenge, seeking better work-life balance, or pursuing a passion, a career change can be a fulfilling and exciting journey. You might be wondering if…

    How to Change Careers at 40
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  • 4 Steps to Create a Dynamic Career Change Cover Letter

    Writing a career change cover letter can be tough. Especially if you're actually targeting your letters to every single job (this is what I recommend doing, by the way)! Then add in a major career switch and it might seem darn near impossible. You might be wondering how you can write a strong, targeted letter…

    4 steps to create a dynamic career change cover letter
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  • Best Functional Resume Example for a Career Change

    Are you considering a career change? Crafting a functional resume can be a powerful tool to make a compelling case for your skills and abilities, especially when transitioning into a new field. In this blog post, we will explore the best functional resume example for a career change that will help you stand out in…

    Best functional resume example for a career change
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  • How Hiring a Career Coach Can Benefit Your Career

    You might be wondering if hiring a career coach is right for you. What type of outcomes can you expect? Does it guarantee you will land a job quickly? These are common questions I get asked by clients who inquire about our career coaching services. Read on to find out why or why not you…

    How Hiring a Career Coaching Can Benefit Your Career
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  • Why Hire a Resume Writer?

    Why hire a resume writer? After all, you can presumably type information onto a standard Word or Google document. The only other thing you need is a fairly good recollection of your career history and greatest strengths and achievements and decent writing skills. A caffeinated beverage is also a plus. This is where many job…

    Why hire a professional resume writer
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  • How to Write a Killer Functional Resume in 2022

    Thinking of using a functional resume style? It's important to not only understand why you should use a functional resume format, but also how to write a functional resume to land an interview. In this article, I'll outline why you might want to use a functional resume style as well as how to write a…

    Functional resume skills
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  • Four In-Demand Career Fields in 2022

    If you're thinking about making a career pivot, here's four in-demand career fields in 2022. It can feel overwhelming to think about making a big career change. However, if you start the process by researching career fields that are in demand, you can put yourself ahead of the game! Read below to learn about four…

    Restart your career
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  • How I Pursued My Dream Career during COVID

    I started a new job four days before the pandemic hit the United States. Four. days. before. Looking back now I can sort of laugh. But at the time it didn't feel very funny. I had been searching for months and months to find a flexible job. A job that would allow me to pick…

    How I pursued my dream during covid
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