Connect Your Interests & Personality to Your Ideal Flexible Job

connect your interests and personality to flexible jobs

The world has gone a little haywire recently (in case you haven’t noticed), and you might find yourself needing a flexible, recession-proof job. You might have suffered a lay-off, or maybe you need to help supplement your family’s income. Or perhaps you just want a job so you don’t go completely bonkers.

Regardless of your motivation for finding a flexible job right now, there are many options out there. You can get a side gig (a job in addition to your full-time job), a part-time job, a contract position, or you can be your own boss and do freelance work in just about any industry. Many of these types of positions are available remotely, meaning you can work from the comfort of your own home!

If your situation is urgent you need a job, like yesterday, you might not have the luxury of searching for your dream job. And that’s okay. Sometimes you need to take a job that will just help pay the bills.

However, before you start rapid-firing your resume off to any and every open position, consider the following:

How do your personality traits relate to the online job you’re about to apply for?

What are your greatest interests / strengths, and equally important, what are some in-demand, flexible jobs that would allow you to use your skills and interests?

According to a recent study, only 32% of workers feel engaged in their job. That’s why it’s incredibly important to learn how to connect your interests and personality to your ideal online job prospects.

Take a look at the following six personality / interest categories and identify the top 2-3 categories that relate most to who you are, as well as corresponding in-demand, flexible jobs:


Creative folks are well….creative. They tend to prefer unstructured work settings and enjoy thinking outside the box. Creative people are typically in touch with their intuition as well, usually being able to see patterns and the “bigger picture.”

Whether it’s crafts, stories, recipes, or ideas, you are happiest when you’re designing and inventing.

What the world needs right now: 

Just about every industry needs creative folks like yourself. From writing & editing to fashion and design, there’s are tons of online, flexible positions out there waiting for you.

Check out this list of in-demand flexible jobs related to the Artistic personality & interests.


Do your friends and family always come to you for advice? If you were in the Peanuts gang, you would be Lucy sitting in front of the “Psychiatric Help” stand. Caring, compassionate, and good listener are a few of the attributes you would describe as your greatest strengths.

What the world needs right now: 

There is no shortage of work needed right now in the helping professions. Education, counseling, and communications need people desperately. As our world rapidly becomes more automated, the need for humans with strong emotional intelligence and communication skills is skyrocketing.

Check out this list of in-demand flexible jobs related to the Helpful personality & interests.


Gregarious, passionate, and enthusiastic are adjectives that your close friends and colleagues would use to describe you. You’re probably a bit of a dreamer too, always cooking up the next biggest way to improve the world (and make a little money while you’re at it, too)!

What the world needs right now: 

If your dream is to work for yourself and / or own your own company (especially an online company), than the sky is the limit! The key is figuring out what your biggest passion is, what your greatest strengths are, and how you can leverage them to provide an essential service that people are willing to purchase.

Check out this list of in-demand flexible jobs related to the Entrepreneurial personality & interests


You’ve probably never been described as a “fly by the seat of your pants” type of gal. You prefer structure to spontaneity and organization to chaos.

What the world needs right now: 

Number crunching, planning and organization, and office coordination are among the top job functions in which methodical folks excel. Working in a structured office setting tends to appeal to you, but you can easily work from a home office remotely as well.

Check out this list of in-demand flexible jobs related to the Methodical personality & interests.


The thought of being confined to a desk all day probably makes your skin crawl. You’d probably describe yourself as more of a doer than a thinker.

What the world needs right now: 

There is always a need for practical, hands-on professionals! The pandemic hasn’t stopped the need for home maintenance and repair services, delivery services, and health / fitness experts.

Check out this list of in-demand flexible jobs related to the Hands-On personality & interests.


You tend to see the world through a logical versus emotional lens. Work that incorporates problem-solving and analyzing is very appealing to you.

What the world needs right now: 

There are unlimited work options in fields like finance / accounting, IT, science, and engineering.

Check out this list of in-demand flexible jobs related to the Inquisitive personality & interests.


Whether you’re looking for a short or long-term flexible job or side hustle, connecting your interests and personality traits to your ideal job can greatly increase your chances of experiencing job satisfaction.

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