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  • How to Identify Transferable Skills to List on Your Resume

    Are you looking to break into a new career field? If you are lacking related experience, it can be tricky to write your rewrite your resume for a career change. Learning how to identify transferable skills to list on your resume is a powerful way to highlight your relevant qualifications and stand out to potential…

    Wooden blocks that says "sell your skills," symbolically introducing concept of how to identify transferable skills to list on your resume
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  • Eight of the Fastest Growing Career Fields (and How to Align Your Job Skills)

    Are you thinking of changing jobs or careers into a growing career field? According to a recent study, roughly 96% of workers are currently looking for a new job. Even if you don’t want to make a giant career change (like switching industries), it’s never a bad idea to gain new skills to make yourself…

    Woman sitting at the top of a mountain, thinking about the fastest growing career fields and how to align her job skills to make the career change
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  • Five Signs You’re Sabotaging Your Career Success

    Self-sabotage is probably the biggest career success killer. Bad bosses, low pay, and crappy co-workers are nothing compared to the damage we can do to ourselves. Every single person develops self-sabotaging habits from time to time. The trick is to catch them before they become detrimental to your career success. Read on to learn about…

    Sabotaging Career Success
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  • Five Career Changes That Require Little Experience

    Want to learn about five great career change opportunities that require little experience? There's more opportunities than you might think! With the pandemic unfortunately comes mass lay-offs and uncertainty. However, companies moving partially or completely online drives the demand for technical workers. Baby boomers are retiring. In addition, the development and distribution of the COVID…

    Five Career Changes That Require Little Experience
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  • Connect Your Interests & Personality to Your Ideal Flexible Job

    The world has gone a little haywire recently (in case you haven't noticed), and you might find yourself needing a flexible, recession-proof job. You might have suffered a lay-off, or maybe you need to help supplement your family's income. Or perhaps you just want a job so you don't go completely bonkers. Regardless of your…

    connect your interests and personality to flexible jobs
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  • How to Take Control during Career Uncertainty

    I literally just started a new job last week. Talk about bad timing! I was on the third day of my new job when the COVID-19 turmoil began to hit. I honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry. But here's the reality: I've got two little kids to take care of at home…

    How to Take Control during Career Uncertainty
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  • Five Tips for Working from Home With Kids

    I just received news that I will be working from home with kids for god knows how long. My kid's schools will be closing starting Monday until at least the end of March. Also, I just literally started a new job earlier this week. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Maybe a little…

    How to work at home with kids during COVID
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  • Four Money Saving (and Earning) Tips for 2022

    If your goals for 2022 include saving some extra cash, you're not alone. According to CNBC, roughly 70% of Americans have money-related new year's resolutions. By learning about simple money saving tips, you're moving one step closer toward your goal. But simply having a vague goal to "save money" will most likely not give you…

    money saving tips
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