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  • How to Expand Your Professional Network in 2023

    Are you looking to expand your professional network in 2023? Studies show that most jobs are found through networking. That means if you're job searching this year, tapping into your network is key. Whether you're looking for a new job or wanting to make new contacts in your field (or both), this article will walk…

    woman and man at a professional event, networking with new people within their network to make business connections that could also help land them a job in the future
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  • How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Profile

    How do you write a killer LinkedIn profile? As a professional career coach (and someone who has looked at a LOT of LinkedIn profiles), I can safely say most job seekers have no clue. Unless you have a guide or a career coach helping you (eh em, like myself), you will probably do what 98%…

    How to write a killer LinkedIn profile
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  • Top 10 LinkedIn Mistakes for Moms Returning to Work

    I breathed a giant sigh of relief. My resume and cover letter were finally tailored toward the position that would soon become my first job after a long career pause. But there was one more thing I had to do. It had been nagging at me for weeks. My LinkedIn profile needed some serious updating.…

    Top 10 LinkedIn Mistakes for Moms Returning to Work
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  • Top Networking Tips for Moms Returning to Work

    As a mom re-entering the workforce there are countless things you are probably thinking about. Updating your resume, writing that dreaded cover letter, and preparing for the (gulp) interview are no doubt top concerns. Figuring out how you're going to balance being a mom with the demands of a new job is probably also front…

    Top Networking Tips for Moms Returning to Work
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  • 4 Easy Steps to Use Networking to Get a Job

    Maybe you've heard stories about people successfully networking to get a job. It's always a sister's friend's cousin. But there actually is a lot of truth behind this. Every single job I've gotten in the last 20 years has been through networking. I realize this is not the most valid statistic. But just ask people…

    networking to get a job
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