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Category: Cleaning

  • How to Use a Mom Planner to Get Organized

    About a year ago, I was ready to pull my hair out trying to keep my house clean and organized, plan meals, and stay on top of my kids' busy schedules, to name just a few. If this sounds at all like you, keep reading to learn how to use a mom planner to get…

    image of a mom planner with a pen and cip of coffee
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  • Four Steps to Create a Home Cleaning Routine

    It wasn’t until I got injured and couldn’t walk that I was forced to finally create a home cleaning routine. I was on crutches for four weeks thanks to a running accident. As stubborn as I am, I quickly realized I could no longer clean our house all by myself (at least temporarily). Apparently I'm…

    Woman wiping and cleaning a table with a cloth
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