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Category: Passion & Purpose

  • How to Create Your Dream Job in Seven Steps

    Feeling fed up is what caused me to take my career destiny into my own hands. I was fed up with being underpaid and undervalued. Fed up with being taken advantage of. Fed up with not ever doing exactly what it was that I dreamed of doing. But I quickly realized I wasn't upset with…

    Create Your Dream Career in Seven Steps
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  • Three Reasons It Pays to Follow Your Passions Outside of Work

    Early in my coaching career, I worked with a client who we'll call Amy. While doing a values card sort, Amy placed the "follow your passion" card in the "least important for my career" pile. I asked Amy why following her passion was at the bottom of her priority list. She replied simply, "I don't…

    Why you should pursue your passion outside of work
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  • Four Ways to Increase Your Career Motivation

    It's not uncommon to be feeling a lack of career motivation. When you're feeling drained and unmotivated, it can be hard to get out from under the covers, let alone tackle those pesky new year's resolutions. If this sounds like you, don't beat yourself up. Every now and again, we all feel unmotivated and need…

    Woman meditating on hillside at dawn, contemplating her career motivation
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  • Tips for Finding and Living Your Passion

    Recently I visited a local aquarium with my two young kids. While trying to keep an eye on my children as they screamed and ran back and forth in front of the sea lion exhibit, I noticed a young woman standing near us. There was something so peaceful about how she was observing the mammals.…

    Find your career passion
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  • Want to Have More Fun at Work?

    The best career advice I have ever been given was when I was working as a lecturer in higher education. My supervisor at the time, Michael, was giving me constructive feedback on my teaching style. Never one to beat around the bush, he told me, “Lee, you’re all about business when you’re teaching. You need…

    How to have fun at work
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